Feb 18, 2023

Platform Migration Notice

Dear partner,

In the course of platform blockage across the states of Russia and Ukraine, this has significantly increased the inconveniences of our clients accessing our website without using a VPN.

Therefore, as part of our effort to unblock our platform, please be informed that our company will be scheduling a migration to a new URL by tomorrow. Please find below the schedule migration for your information:

• Date: Feb 19, 2023 >
• Start: 12 AM / 00:00 UTC+0 (London/UK Time)
• Duration: From 5 - 8 hours to complete
• Work: Platform Migration to a new URL

We have tried our best to schedule the migration during an off-peak hour to minimize the inconvenience, and your patience in this regard is highly appreciated.

During the migration period, our platform services would be shut down and inaccessible so as to ensure the presence of a smooth process without disruption.

The migration might take up to 8 hours to complete and you will be notified as soon as our platform is back online.

It is important for you to understand that, after the migration, our current URL www.xenium.pro will no longer be active, whereas all access to www.xenium.pro would be redirected to our new URL which the new URL would be introduced in our next announcement soon.

All of your data, such as registration details, account balances, and current active investment would be migrated to the new URL as well.



~ Our site is blocked in Russia and Ukraine, to access our site, use a VPN
~ We are scheduling a migration to a new URL soon to unblock the site, further announcements regarding the migration schedule will be released soon.