Feb 04, 2023

New Updates on the Platform

Dear partner,

As an investment management company, adherence to regulations and operating commercial activities in a disciplined manner have always been one of our utmost priorities at all times.

And in light of the increasing conditions and requirements regarding the platform elements from the relevant authorities, our company was mandated to create a cover page on our website.

Therefore today, we added a cover page to our site in order for the company to meet the new regulatory guideline.

Besides the cover page, our company has also prepared a PDF presentation as an addition to coming along. The PDF presentation is prepared in the most concise, practical, and functional format, with maximum information that summarizes the all-about which allows anyone to quickly familiarize themselves with our company.

The PDF presentation can be downloaded at:



~ Our site is blocked in Russia and Ukraine, to access our site, use a VPN
~ We are scheduling a migration to a new URL soon to unblock the site, further announcements regarding the migration schedule will be released soon.