Mar 12, 2023

HTML Template Update

Dear partner,

In our continuous progression during the journey, we’ve learned that the best way to make our platform a better place to invest does not fall only upon the constant improvement of our fund management strategy but also on bringing you the best presentation that we can possibly think of.

Therefore today, we would like to inform you of a quick update that our company has just implemented a whole new design across all of our HTML email templates, a design that is concise, functional, and with maximal information that is worth your attention.

You can visit the following link to check a sample regarding the new HTML template design, which we hope you like it!

Next up, we will be updating some of our design elements and content on our website, so stay tuned for more of our exciting updates!

Xenium Financial Group LTD;

~ Starting 19/02/2023, all access to the site should be made via