Mar 05, 2023

We are in the PRESS!

Dear partner,

Today, we are delighted to inform you that our company is now in the Press!

Until we discover, these press releases have already been published for quite some time now, which were all done quietly by journalists, we guess, who are interested in our project and wish to spread the word about us to more audience!

There are 2 press releases that appear on separate media platforms which can be read via the following link:

We encourage you to take a moment, have a cup of coffee, and read these articles during your free time!

On this note, we would like to say a BIG THANKS to the journalists for spending such an effort, and the joy this has brought to us is simply immeasurable.

With a big boost of motivation, we are writing not just a regular blog post, but a declaration of our promise that we will continue to strive for new heights and aims to become the most profitable project in the industry - because you deserve it!


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