Feb 19, 2023

Migration Completed

Dear partner,

We are pleased to announce that the migration has been completed successfully and our platform is back online, but instead of www.xenium.pro, you will now access the platform using our new domain www.xenium.group.

With the presence of the new domain www.xenium.group, our platform has managed to be unblocked across the states of Russia and Ukraine, and clients from these countries will now be able to access the platform without using a VPN.

And of course, all your account data, such as registration details, account balances, referrals, and active investments have been transferred to www.xenium.group as well, and you will be able to continue the service just as usual without any changes.

Meanwhile, www.xenium.pro will be scheduled for deactivation and all access to www.xenium.pro will be redirected to www.xenium.group.

Further, please be advised that our email addresses with the old domains [email protected] and [email protected] will be kept active, you can still send us an email or queries and you will be assisted accordingly.

Key takeaway:

1) You should access the site via www.xenium.group
2) All your data has been transferred to www.xenium.group
3) The old domain www.xenium.pro will be scheduled for deactivation.
4) Our email [email protected] and [email protected] will still be active.

Thank you for your attention.



~ Starting 19/02/2023, all access to the site should be made via www.xenium.group