Ongoing Development

Launch of bounty program – Ongoing

Token development and IDO – Ongoing

Language localization (Chinese) – Ongoing

Telegram group chat – Ongoing

Company presentation video – Ongoing

Language localization (Vietnamese) – May 25, 2023

Live chat support – Ongoing

Language localization (Russian) – May 25, 2023

Added Advanced Cash - May 07, 2023

Platform Menu Update - Apr 22, 2023

100 Days Online - Apr 09, 2023

Publishing Trading Report - Apr 02, 2023

Platform Design Update - Mar 27, 2023

HTML Template Update - Mar 12, 2023

Platform Migration - Feb 19, 2023

Release PDF Presentation - Feb 04, 2023

Started Forex Trading - Feb 03, 2023

Created Telegram Channel - Dec 26, 2022

Platform Launched - Dec 23, 2022

Latest News

May 25, 2023

Added Russian and Vietnamese

As we continue to broaden our businesses to more countries around the world, the greater the tendency of language localization has become...


May 16, 2023

Overview of Ongoing Development

Often thanks to your feedback and idea, our platform has constantly been shaped to cover the possible, in terms of what you wish to see and what you wish to have, and today, we are happy to inform you...


May 07, 2023

Advanced Cash Added

Here at Xenium Financial Group LTD, we worked hard to bring you the best conveniences, and as part of our ongoing effort to take this priority further, we are happy to inform you that...


May 01, 2023

Monthly Report – April 2023

The month of April draws to a close, we are happy to inform you that our company has generated a total profit of +$5 473.86 during the period leveraging the investment...


Apr 27, 2023

Perfect Money Suspension Notice

There have been noises where the payment system Perfect Money began stealing money and blocking the account from their users, specifically for fund management companies like ours...


Apr 22, 2023

New Menu for Upcoming Pages

The team at Xenium Financial Group LTD continues to upgrade the site to bring the best conveniences to our clients, where today, we are pleased to announce that the menu sections...


Apr 09, 2023

Message for 100 Days of Work

Time flies, already – it has been more than 100 days since the launch of our online platform, and we value this moment as a big milestone that signifies the quality of...


Apr 02, 2023

The Publishing of Trading Reports

We have always been appreciating the relationship that we have established thus far, with our clients, partners, and supporter who trust us with their hard-earned money...


Mar 27, 2023

New Updates and Upcoming Plans

Following our last update regarding the entirely new design across our HTML email templates, the effort of the team in Xenium Financial Group LTD continues where a decision was...


Mar 12, 2023

HTML Template Update

In our continuous progression during the journey, we’ve learned that the best way to make our platform a better place to invest does not fall only upon the constant improvement of our fund management strategy but...


Mar 05, 2023

We are in the PRESS!

Until we discover, these press releases have already been published for quite some time now, which were all done quietly by journalists, we guess, who are interested in our project and wish to spread the word about us to...


Feb 19, 2023

Migration Completed

We are pleased to announce that the migration has been completed successfully and our platform is back online, but instead of, you will now access...


Feb 18, 2023

Platform Migration Notice

In the course of platform blockage across the states of Russia and Ukraine, this has significantly increased the inconveniences of our clients accessing...


Feb 04, 2023

New Updates on the Platform

As an investment management company, adherence to regulations and operating commercial activities in a disciplined manner have always been one of our utmost ...


Feb 03, 2023

Test Begin on Forex Market

This serves as a prior notice that starting yesterday, our company has begun placing trades on the Forex market with a newfound partner, and so far, everything went really ...


Jan 23, 2023

Account Security Reminder

It has come to our attention that there has been a case where one of our client’s account has been compromised ...


Jan 08, 2023

Bypass blockage with VPN

Recently, we have received word that some of our clients are having difficulties in accessing our platform due to ...


Jan 01, 2023

Marketing Development Plan

Here we are at the beginning of 2023, at the same time, it is also just the beginning of our platform!


Dec 26, 2022

Our Social Media

Following the successful launch of our platform, we thought of setting up a news channel to better spread our news and messages more efficiently in order to keep ...


Dec 25, 2022

Our Best Wishes

Merry Christmas to all our clients and partners! As another year draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous ...


Dec 23, 2022

Platform Grand Openning

Today, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of our online platform – Xenium. The platform is owned and operated by Xenium Financial Group Ltd, an alternative investment management company that...