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Language localization (Vietnamese) – May 25, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the activities and services operated by your company legal?

Yes, the platform is owned and operated by Xenium Financial Group Ltd, a company that is legally registered under UK jurisdiction with company number 14480309.

The company is bound by the applicable governing law to ensure the company’s operations and activities fulfils the compliance standard of its jurisdiction.
2. What are the services offered by Xenium?

Xenium is an alternative investment management platform that provides trust management services to individuals around the globe.
3. How can I check the legal information of your company?

All the legal information is revealed publicly in the utmost transparent manner, where you can easily check them by visiting the legal page of our site at:

You can also check our company registration by visiting the UK gov site at:
4. What is the requirement for opening an account on your platform?

To open an account on our platform, you must be a legally capable person of at least 18 years of age according to the laws of the United Kingdom.
5. Can I create more than one account?

Each user can only create one account on our platform. Any attempt to register more than one account will be considered a violation and all accounts registered by the user will be permanently blocked and the balance within will be subjected to liquidation.
6. How is my personal data being protected?

Respecting the privacy rights of our client has always been one of our highest priorities. Our company will never share your personal data to anyone external.

All data is stored in the top-notch data center that is monitored 24/7 with intrusion detection systems and other security measures.

For more information, you can refer to which further explains how we collect, store and protect your information.
7. Forgot your Login password?

You can reset your password by entering the registered email address of your account at

Alternatively, you can also contact our support team on the site or write to [email protected] for further assistance
8. Your account has been blocked?

Our company may block a user account under the following reasons and circumstances:

1. Use of proceeds obtained illegally.
2. Same user registered more than one account.
3. Funding an account using funds from illegal sources.
4. Use of funds received as a result of erroneously committed transactions.
5. Deliberate misrepresentation and public dissemination of false information about employees, users and activities of Xenium Financial Group Ltd,
discrediting the company's reputation. 6. Attempts to scam other clients by pretending to be an official of our company.

When an account is blocked for one or more reasons, a notification will be sent to the client's registered email address explaining the reasons for blocking and further course of action.
9. What payment system does the company support?

The supported payment system for both deposit and withdrawal is ePayCore, Perfect Money, USDT.TRC20, Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Tron TRX.

Our company is constantly in the expansion of onboarding more trending and secure payment methods to the processing.
10. How long does it take to process my withdrawal?

All withdrawals will be processed within 48 hours. However, in case of high load, the processing time period may be extended.

If your withdrawal is rejected, that means the withdrawal details that you entered for “Wallet Setting” are not correct.
11. What is the minimum amount for requesting a withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal amount for each payment system is equivalent to the USD value below:

• ePayCore: 1 USD
• Perfect Money: 1 USD
• Advanced Cash: 1 USD
• BTC: 30 USD
• ETH: 30 USD
• TRX: 5 USD
• USDT.TRC20: 10 USD

These minimums might be subject to a change without prior notice, therefore we recommend you visit our FAQ regularly to retrieve the latest information from time to time.
12. Is there a withdrawal fee?

We charge a fee of 2% for each withdrawal request regardless of the amount or the payment systems.
13. Can profits be reinvested?

Yes, you can reinvest your profits as long as you have sufficient balance to open a new investment.
14. Can I increase the investment funds of an active deposit?

Unfortunately, you are now allowed to increase the investment funds to an active deposit. However, you can open a new deposit directly from your account balance.
15. Is it possible to cancel my investment anytime?

Early termination on deposit is not possible due to each of our investment plans is made up of a set of complex solutions and the deposit term of which holds an essential part in our investment management strategy.
16. What is a referral program?

A referral program is a system of bonuses that rewards the referrer for inviting new partners to the company. This is often considered the most cost-effective marketing strategy that aids the effective growth and exposure of the company.
17. What is a referral link?

This is the link that you used when inviting a new partner to the company. Simply share this link with your potential prospect and they will be registered under your referral structure.

This link can be found in your personal account on the dashboard page.
18. Can I participate in the referral program?

Everyone can participate in our referral program without requiring an active deposit.

You are rewarded with a substantial commission of 3% - 1% each time a partner that you invited to the company makes a deposit.