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About Us

Xenium is an alternative investment company that provides trust management services for clients’ portfolios through the cryptocurrency markets. The traders of the company consist of highly qualified specialists specializing in the crypto sector with an average experience of 10+ years in the relevant field of trading.

Backed by advanced technology and tools such as quantitative trading, it allows our traders to identify the opportunity with confidence despite high volatility and changing market conditions.

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Well being of Investment

We treat risk management and capital preservation as the bedrock of our investment management quality. We manage both portfolio and market risks using sophisticated proprietary systems.

By instilling a culture of strict principles and adherence to our obligations across our workforce, we are in line with our commitment to achieving the highest standards in the long run, with precision, protection, and peace of mind in every dollar we manage.

Your Right Choice

With Xenium, it means you have earned yourself a new reliable income stream, here is the reason why we are your right choice:


We strive to present high-paying solutions which go far beyond the scope of what banks or other financial institutions may be able to offer.


An risk-free opportunity which allows you to invest without anxiety, while we make every effort to ensure we are working on your funds carefully with minimum risk.


03 What you see is what you get, with no hidden terms. Regardless of net capital worth, all our clients receive the same quality services, the same promotion, and level of support.


We provide a wide choice of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, from popular eWallets to trending cryptocurrencies.

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Summary of our Principles

Here at Xenium, we pay special attention to the company's principle to stay focused on the growing assets of our clients.

Be Excellence

We strive for excellence in everything. "Good" is never enough for us.

Technological Approach

We use only the best scientific practices to back our decisions and believe that technology will play a vital role in the future of investment management.

Long Term Stability

We always focus on maintaining the highest possible perfomance standards while taking into account the risks and capital preservation.


We do the right thing and maintain professional integrity. After all, we are working on your money, not ours.